Dark moon rituals

release what isn’t working for you.
Let go of What’s Blocking You.
Get Free.

Dark Moon Rituals are included in The Conspiracy as a part of the monthly benefits.

Release old thoughts, emotions, behaviors and habits

Dark Moon Rituals of Release

What is the Dark Moon?

We align our magic with the cycles of the Moon. The moon is increasing–growing bigger, brighter, and rounder–during it’s new and waxing phases. These fourteen days are excellent for increase–growing and manifesting your desires! During her fullness, the Moon is at the height of brightness. This is an excellent time for rituals of gratitude for blessings in our lives. During the waning and dark phases of the lunar cycle, the Moon is in decrease–releasing her light and form. This phase is best for decreasing, releasing, and letting go of what doesn’t serve us.

8 – 9:30PM EST

September 14

October 13

November 12

December 11


Why do Ritual during Waning and Dark Moon Phases?

Aligning our energies and magic with lunar cycles is as old as time. While there are infinite cycles we can align with, the twenty-eight-day lunar cycle is visible to the eye no matter where we are. It aligns with our own menstrual cycles if we are people who bleed. And, it’s a generous enough time-frame to track our results.

When we commit to partnering with the waxing-full-waning-dark moon, we become more cognizant of how our own moods and motivations wax and wane. We are reminded that parts of our lives are in phases of increase and manifestation, while others are in gratitude, decline, release, grief. The Moon reminds us that balance is dynamic, not static.

We do Rituals of Release during the waning/dark phase of the lunar cycle. This enables us to clarify our desire, so we can start calling that in during the New and Waxing Moon phases. When we cycle back around to the Waning time, we’re ready to release, again–not because we failed last round–but because the art of manifestation is cyclical.

Traditionally, lunar phases are associated with the seasons of our lives: New/Child, Waxing/Maiden, Full/Mother, Waning/Crone, Dark/Death-Birth (the liminal space between death of the old and birth of the new).

I suspect another reason why we forgo Rituals of Release is because they are associated, magically, with the Crone, with decline. We fear letting go. We fear decline. We fear we’ll be emptied out and disintegrate into nothingness–like the Crone, like the waning/dark moon. It’s unfortunate that ageism plays a role in recognizing and participating in the full lunar (and life) cycle.

What is a Ritual of Release?

In Rituals of Release, we willingly let go what is no longer working for us, what is draining us, what is preventing us from manifesting what we really want. Ritualizing the act of letting go lends the decision power, and provides us accountability. We commit to unbinding ourselves, and tie the ritual action to forces bigger, stronger, and greater than us.

Why do we need Rituals of Release?

We’re culturally indoctrinated to focus on increase. Since we were old enough to understand, we’ve been given messages than our raison d’etre is to be and obtain more, bigger, better. We want/need more time, money, energy. We may believe we need more things. We long to be in mutually loving relationships. We want to be successful in all things. We’re driven to obtain more abundance, love, prosperity. We want bigger jobs, more income, better benefits, a prettier dress, more reasonable shoes, faster cars, nicer sheets. We need more space, more beauty, more experiences, more self-love.

It’s one hundred percent okay to want more! But/and, let’s entertain a metaphor for a moment–stay with me: If I decide I want new living room furniture, order it, and set a date for delivery, I’m going to have to get rid of the furniture taking up space in my living room right now. If I collect beautiful clothing, I might need to build a bigger closet, which means I may need a bigger house, which means I need more income, which means I need a different job.

Do you see how continually manifesting, increasing, receiving can become a kind of energetic hoarding? We need Rituals of Release to make space for what we’re trying to manifest or increase in our lives.

Why is it important?

Rituals of Release help us let go of what we no longer want, patterns we no longer wish to engage in, relationships that are over. They can liberate us from outdated beliefs, habits, and behaviors that don’t serve our desire to be happy and whole. Rituals of Release free us up for the healing, growth, and evolution we desire.

When we don’t release the old stuff, it can prohibit us from receiving. When we refrain from rituals of release, it can actually obstruct the increase we’re seeking to manifest.

The old furniture stuck in the living-room prohibits you from enjoying your new set, when it arrives. Likewise, you may be manifesting what you want in your life, but aren’t able to fully appreciate it, because you’re stuck in paradigms of old thoughts, emotions, behaviors and habits.

If this feels familiar, it’s time to release!

The Conspiracy of crones

Crones Don’t Do This Alone

We don’t put an age on our application for the Conspiracy, and there is a big reason why.

Wisdom, community and connection is for all ages. In the Conspiracy we revel in Big Crone Energy – together.

What happens during these Rituals?

Rituals are held online in a meticulously held container. We enter the space in the spirit of trust–toward ourselves, one another, and the container. Who you see, what you hear, what you do stays in the privacy of the ritual space.

You’ll receive email instructions on how to clarify what you’ll be releasing for the Dark Moon, and how to create a clear Statement of Intent. This process is part of the magic. Please don’t arrive only to say the first thing that comes to mind when it’s time to make your Statement of Intent.

If there are ritual items you’ll need, you’ll be notified by email. Examples might include a candle, scissors, yarn, paper, matches, or other items you have in your household or can easily and inexpensively obtain.

During the Dark Moon Ritual of Release, we’ll prepare by grounding and centering. We’ll introduce ourselves. If you wish, you can share your personal Statement of Intention.

You’ll be led through a simple process of ritual release, and guided meditation.

You’ll be provided with symbolic gestures or spoken affirmations to use after the ritual, as the energy you’re releasing dissipates.

There will be space to ask questions or discuss, after the ritual.