ripening moon rituals

What’s Your Heart’s Desire? bring in what you need. Create what you want more of.

Ripening Moon Rituals are included in The Conspiracy as a part of the monthly membership benefits.

it’s healthy to know what you want & ask for it

Ripening Moon Rituals of Increase

What is the Ripening Moon?

We align our magic with the cycles of the Moon. The moon is Ripening–growing bigger, brighter, and rounder–during it’s new and waxing phases. These fourteen days are excellent for increase–growing and manifesting your desires! During her fullness, the Moon is at the height of brightness. This is an excellent time for rituals of gratitude for blessings in our lives. During the waning and dark phases of the lunar cycle, the Moon is in decrease–releasing her light and form. This phase is best for decreasing, releasing, and letting go of what doesn’t serve us.

8 – 9:30PM EST

September 29
October 22
November 26
Watch for Solstice Full Moon Ritual
December 21


Why do Ritual during Waxing and Full Moon Phases?

Aligning our energies and magic with lunar cycles is as old as time. While there are infinite cycles we can align with, the twenty-eight-day lunar cycle is visible to the eye no matter where we are. It aligns with our own menstrual cycles if we are people who bleed. And, it’s a generous enough time-frame to track our results.

When we commit to partnering with the waxing-full-waning-dark moon, we become more cognizant of how our own moods and motivations wax and wane. We are reminded that parts of our lives are in phases of increase and manifestation, while others are in gratitude, decline, release, grief. The Moon reminds us that balance is dynamic, not static.

We do Rituals for Increase during the waxing/full phase of the lunar cycle, calling in what we need, or desire more of.

Traditionally, lunar phases are associated with the seasons of our lives: New/Child, Waxing/Maiden, Full/Mother, Waning/Crone, Dark/Death-Birth (the liminal space between death of the old and birth of the new).


What is a Ritual for Increase?

In Rituals of Increase, we identify what it is we need, or what we want more of in our lives. What work make your life easier? What would uplift you? Sometimes, it might be something physical, like money, a new job, tickets to a show, or a better pillow for your bed. Other times, you might be longing for less tangible, more amorphous things, like ease, rest, focus, creativity, or a stronger sense of self-assurance.
Sometimes, when trying to answer the open-ended question, “What do you want,” we’re stumped. We might feel uncomfortable about this magic, as we aren’t used to identifying, naming, and asking for our needs and wants to be met. Some find it helpful to clarify their wants by identifying what they lack.
Naming what we want lends the decision power, and provides us accountability. We commit to manifesting goodness for ourselves, and tie the ritual action to Lunar forces bigger, stronger, and greater than us.
The Universe really wants you to be happy. It/They/S/He wants you to have everything you need so you can be who you’re here to BE.

Why do we need Rituals of Increase?

Let’s be honest: A lot of us struggle with identifying and asking for what we want. You might wait until your want becomes a need. Manifestation magic works for wants and needs. If you’re struggling with manifestation, the problem likely starts with a deep-seated guilt or shame about even having needs or wants!

We’ve been culturally indoctrinated through religion, gender programming, and even some social justice movements to ignore our own needs. We’ve been taught it’s honorable to put everyone else’s needs before our own. This messaging runs so deeply in our conditioning that we may not even recognize that wanting can produce feelings of shame or guilt.

If I’m describing you, doing Rituals of Increase can begin the process of healing the shame and guilt derived from wanting. If the description above doesn’t match your experience, great!

It’s one hundred percent okay to want more!

Some of us are more accustomed to doing release magic (aka healing, shadow-work, cord-cutting, banishing). I recommend practicing both increase and decrease magic. We release to let go of what’s obstructing happiness, ease, abundance. We increase to call those things and experiences into our lives.

Why is it important?

Rituals of Increase help us obtain and experience what we want, patterns we wish to establish, the kinds of relationship we want to welcome. They can liberate us from outdated beliefs, habits, and behaviors that don’t serve our desire to be happy and whole. Rituals of Increase help us learn to ask for our needs and wants to be met without shame or guilt. This magic enables us to receive free the healing, growth, and evolution we desire.

When we don’t know what we want, we can’t have it. When we can’t ask for what we want, we can’t access it. There is something very healing and empowering about asking the Universe (Goddess, Ancestors, etc) to help us, and having our needs met lovingly, abundantly.

We do this magic together–learning and asking alongside others. Your magic is multiplied exponentially when combined with other participants, and Karina’s expertise as a Ritual Priestess

The Conspiracy of crones

Crones Don’t Do This Alone

We don’t put an age on our application for the Conspiracy, and there is a big reason why.

Wisdom, community and connection is for all ages. In the Conspiracy we revel in Big Crone Energy – together.

What happens during these Rituals?

Rituals are held online in a meticulously crafted magical container. It’s a courageous space where you’ll be encouraged to share what you’re manifesting, or discuss your hesitancy around asking. We enter the space in the spirit of trust–toward ourselves, one another, and the container. Who you see, what you hear, what you do stays in the privacy of the ritual space.

You can expect to participate in a simple grounding and centering exercise. The Ancient & Ancestral Crones will be invoked to guide and guard to guard this magic–and see it is done. Together, we will make some symbolic gesture (lighting a candle, planting a seed, for example) as we envision our desire being fulfilled. You may be asked to repeat (aloud or silently) a spell for increase. Energy will be raised and lifted up to the Ancient & Ancestral Crones to make manifest for you. They are so happy to do this for you!

When you register, you’ll receive email instructions on how to clarify what you’ll be increasing during this Lunar phase, and how to create a clear Statement of Intent. This process is part of the magic. Please don’t arrive only to say the first thing that comes to mind when it’s time to make your Statement of Intent.

If there are ritual items you’ll need, you’ll be notified by email. Examples might include a candle, flower, seed, water, paper, or other items you have in your household or can easily and inexpensively obtain.

If you cannot attend the Ritual online, but wish to participate in the energies and magic, you can submit your Intention via email. Your Intention will be included in the ritual, and as part of the energy raised for manifestation.

There will be space to ask questions or discuss, after the ritual.