I’ve been meaning to talk with you about why working with a Priestess, a Witch who happens to have Life Coaching credentials, is different from working with a Life Coach.

Witches, as Terry Pratchett says, tend to be there at just the right time: When you’re at the edge of something. When you’ve run out of map and even your GPS can’t find you. When you’re standing at the precipice of big transformation, and everything in your whole being knows it. But, there in front of you yawns the void–the unknown.

You can’t go back. You’re terrified to go forward. What you know won’t help you where you’re going. You must leap, but can’t convince yourself to Just Let Go.

This is when you call the Witch, the Priestess, the Crone Herself.

Sure, my magic includes spell-craft, and kitchen witchery, readings, and marking the seasons, among many, many others. But my truest magic is as trail-guide through the wilderness of your heart, and into the truest part of your soul. My most powerful magic is as mid-wife to your process of birthing yourself into your Self.

This isn’t glitter and rose scented baths (though those are wonderful). This is the personal development you’ve stepped up to, and backed away from, over and over again. This is what you know you need, but are afraid to have.

This is the spiritual evolution where we don’t bypass the dark forest on our way to “creating our own reality.”

This is the magic of owning your personal power, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

This is the path that only a Priestess–a Witch–can walk with you. This is the Way only the Crone, who knows the terrain like she knows the laugh lines around her own eyes, can show you. She won’t shrink from your shadows, because she’s confronted her own and invites them for tea. She won’t shame your fear, your clinging to the past, or your hungers. She’s on a first-name basis with the Queen of the Underworld, after all! She won’t try to squeeze you into a five step program, or lull you away from your mission with promises of easy solutions, The Crone Herself has retrieved her soul a thousand times, and has the skills to get yours back, too.

There’s nothing she hasn’t heard, nothing she hasn’t seen, or lived through in her lifetime(s).

I don’t have a step-by-step guide to solving your problems. I cannot tell you in advance, “the benefits you’ll receive” from working with me. You are unique in all the worlds! The precisely crafted cocktail of your gorgeously woven DNA, your upbringing, education, cultural values, neurodiversity, insecurities and strengths will determine which way we go when we come to a crossroad. There are many crossroads, and Tricksters abound!

When you come to the Crone, it’s because something in you KNOWS it’s her door, at her house on the Ridge of the mountain-top, at the very Edge of the Woods, that you need to knock on. You come to the Witch, when you’ve been to the doctor, the shrink, the coach, the church, the priests, the professors, the readers, the intuitives, the white “shamans,” the astrologers, the healers, the meetings, festivals, rituals, ayahuasca ceremonies, pleasure parties . . . and you *still* haven’t found what you’re seeking–The Heart of your heart, the Soul of your soul, the Strength in your softness, the Passion in your will, the Fire in your veins, the inextinguishable light in your eyes.

You come to the Crone when you’ve followed the tried and true, straight and narrow path. When you’ve done everything right. Followed the book to the letter. Got the job, the house, the spouse, the kids, the vacations and yoga pants, but aren’t happy. You’re angry. You’re crying. You’re numb. You’re exhausted. There’s something more–even when you have everything, and have done everything “right.”

You come to the Witch, the Crone, when everything is falling apart, or has already come undone.

You come when you know you’re meant for more, but in spite of your best efforts, you can’t quite reach it.

You come when you should be writing, but can’t.

You come when you know you need to leave your partner, or that they’re leaving you.

You come to the Witch when you’re a “wide open channel,” bothered by spirits you didn’t invite. When you know things you shouldn’t and don’t understand why, or what to do with that information.

You come to the Crone when you’ve been playing with magic and your spells have gone haywire, wrecking havoc in your life.

You come to my door when you know enough of magic to be a danger to yourself; when the spirits and ancestors are leading you into dangerous territory; when you’ve hit a long lasting streak of bad “luck,” and suspect someone is throwing magic at you.

You come to the Crone when the leaders in your community are duplicitous, dangerous, bigoted, or narcissistic. The Crone keeps all the secrets, and what you tell me, stays with me.

People have always come to the Witch’s door when the path is murky, when hope is all but lost. Don’t be afraid. Sit down. Have some tea.

I am not here to convert you. I’m not here to train you in the Craft of the Wise. I’m here, always, to walk with you on your way home to your Self, your true Heart, your pristine nature.

Big Crone Energy. Delivered.