The Crone Herself




Karina Blackheart, THE CRONE HERSELF is a Women’s Leadership and Whole Life Evolution Priestess. Her spiritual imperative is to live exactly as she desires while guiding others to liberate their own truth, purpose and power.

She guides women of all ages to take ownership and responsibility for the fullness of their personal, spiritual, and collective power.  She creates kind and courageous containers for women who are ready to engage in reclamation of their Divine Selves, so they can choose and express their brilliance, concerns and wisdom with dignity and strength.  By accepting self-authority, healing our internalized cultural oppressions, and practicing radical self-love, we become unstoppable.  We become dangerous women–we embody Big Crone Energy.

The archetypes

Crones don’t do this alone

Sovereign and collaborative, collective, co-operative.

Karina recognizes the archetypal Maiden, Mother, and Crone are intimately intertwined across our whole lives.  You are never too young to claim your Big Crone Energy.  You’re never too old to embody the Mother’s sensuality and seriousness, or experience your Maiden/Child’s wonder and innocence. 

Having healed through a traumatic childhood, recovered from addiction and sexual abuse in her Maidenhood, survived domestic violence and the poverty of solo-parenting in Motherhood, Karina now unabashedly claims the title, The Crone Herself.  She has retrieved her soul a thousand times, bringing back every bit of magic, intuition, self-love, self-authority and power these tremendous initiatory experiences offered.  It is her life’s Purpose to share the processes she’s gained over a lifetime, to guide women in their own becoming.

Crones not clones

Your Invitation to Self-Mastery

The Era of the Crone has arrived. It’s time for the Elders, the Priestesses, the Wisdom Keepers to lead, infuse and bear witness to this Time of Great Change. This is your invitation to embrace The Crone Herself in you. This is your time to give her all the space she needs. This is your Initiation. This is your Integration.