During menopause–what previous generations called, “The Change of Life,” our hormonal balance changes. For years, it feels like a roller-coaster of emotion, hot-flashes, dry-skin and worse.

Most of us know these things. What we’re rarely told is that post-menopause, our hormones stabilize–for the first time since puberty set in. We become more reliable to ourselves, more stable in our day to day moods and motivations, more creative.
As we age into Crones, our bodies keep ageing, and we may get tired more easily. At the same time, we can draw upon our inner wisdom reliably–because our hormones aren’t shifting our attention and mood from week to week to week. From this font of stable-selfhood, arises the very best of Big Crone Energy.

They called it The Change of Life, for good reason. It’s important to know there’s something to look forward to: Your Unmitigated Self.

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