I’ve said it a thousand times. I’ll say it a million times more: Big Crone Energy is energy. It’s a flavor, a scent, a color. It’s a feeling that wells up in us whenever we’re certain. It’s the way we move, when we’re going somewhere. It’s the way we sit when we’re thoroughly at home in our own skin. It’s the tone we use to express our most vulnerable and powerful truth. It’s in us. It’s in everything.

What we call energy, is also called chi, life force, mana, prana, power, ashe, nu’um. orenda. Every culture has a name for it. Einstein called it “love.”

My name for it, these days, is Big Crone Energy, because that’s how it feels inside my life.

What does it feel like for you? Do you have a name for it? Do you know how to access it with consistency? Do you know how to utilize it to make manifest the kinds of circumstances that’ll bring you peace, prosperity, strength and joy?

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Big Crone Energy. Delivered.