We don’t need to try so hard to be good.

We are good.

Our goodness is defined by us, not outside forces who have indoctrinated us into believing that being small, accommodating, quiet, apologetic, not standing out, and not taking up very much physical or energetic space are signs of a good girl.


Even when we’re smart. Even when we’re stubborn. Even when we’re loud, and demand respect and rights. Even when we can’t make a commitment. Even when we have a lot of great sex or none at all. Even in the midst of our healing work, weeping. Even when we didn’t take a shower. Even when we’re ordering take-out. Even when the house is a mess. Even when we’re breaking up, divorcing, getting together, grieving, walking off the job, buying ourselves something we want, laughing loudly.
We do not have to prove we’re good. It’s as natural as your eye color, as simple and gorgeous as sunrise.

Big Crone Energy. Delivered.