A Path to Self Love

Soul Doctoring is derived from the practices, ethics, and world view I studied, practiced, and taught worldwide for decades. It is a path to self-love and personal power that begins by acknowledging our spiritual anatomy, and how to work with it to our benefit. The fundamental power we seek is that of aware, self-authoritative individuals, capable of cooperating with other sovereign beings honestly, effectively, lovingly.

After decades of training strictly selected students, Soul Doctoring is now available to all seekers of personal transformation, spiritual evolution, and culture change. This series of Seminars is for you if you

  • have read about, studied, or practiced Feri Tradition, and recognize deeper work with Alignment is necessary for your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual well-being. OR
  • are drawn to Soul Doctoring for your own, personal development, and spiritual evolution
  • recognize integrating these practices would benefit those you serve in your role(s) as healer, teacher, community organizer, ritualist, activist, etc.
  • recognize the value of Soul Doctoring as an effective means of personal and cultural transformation

Soul Doctoring Seminars build upon one another. There are no prerequisites for 101. Other seminar descriptions will clearly signify necessary pre-requisites. That said, 101 is always a prerequisite for everything beyond it.

Know what you’re made of.
Honor yourself in all of your parts.

a Commitment to Healing

We do Soul Doctoring the old way. There are no shortcuts or convenient appliances to hurry this evolutionary process along. There’s no bullet-pointed list to check off on your way to Alignment within yourself. Soul Doctoring is a Way we come to know ourselves. It is a Way we walk in the world. It is a Way we embody and exude the truest form of self-assurance, self-advocacy, and self-love. Some call these, “sovereignty.”

Soul Doctoring is a Way, when practiced with dedication, that enables us to move in the world as healing, transformational artist, community builders, and culture change agents. Because we know ourselves, we know when to harden and soften boundaries; when to act and how to replenish after expending our energies. Because we love ourselves, we are able to extend that unconditionality (which doesn’t mean, “un-boundaried”) to others. Because we trust ourselves, we are more likely to extend trust to others, thereby enabling thriving community endeavors to develop.

Slow and steady progress move us forward.

The rewards of Soul Doctoring are embedded in our daily lives, relationships, and steady-groundedness amid a world in crises. We continue walking this path because we’ve become curious about what we’ll find around the next bend. We become joyful explorers of the mysterious terrain we embody and express into the world. We become courageous enough to dare to transform systems in ways that make sense to us.

The transformational healing and magic of Soul Doctoring takes time. It takes fortitude, commitment, and persistence. It requires gentle attentiveness, and loving kindness toward ourselves. Soul Doctoring is simultaneously very subtle and profound, granular and gritty, refined and expansive.

It is a sacred, joyful, grounded Way to come to peaceful agreement within ourselves, so we might create pockets of, or movements for a more equitable, honest, and sustainable world. The transformation you want begins with you.

White dove with wings extended in front of a blue cosmic mandala. Beneath isa heart shaped flame, and below that a coiled green serpent with head intersecting flames. One a black background with stars.

101 Soul Doctoring:
Anatomy and Alignment

Soul Doctoring is a catalyst that enables radical personal transformation. To be a catalyst is to be a change agent, provoking significant transformation and actions in self and other. To be an effective catalyst for others and society, we must deeply engage with transformational process, ourselves. Otherwise, the changes we facilitate can be dangerous.

Soul Doctoring is not life coaching, or therapy, although Soul Doctoring has been said to have therapeutic value. This is a magical, spiritual, esoteric path, and I teach it wholly from that perspective. There is no bypassing in Soul Doctoring. This is a Way that will compassionately lead you into direct confrontation with your self-limiting beliefs, social conditioning, self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns. The materials and practices are derived from training in a Tradition known for initiating some of the most powerful and influential teachers, authors, and activists in modern paganism. Soul Doctoring is at the foundations of that Tradition, and is what enabled those practitioners to become sound, ethical leaders.

I offer these practices and Ways to any and all who seek to know, heal, and love themselves well, so they might move from deep personal ethics as lovers, healers, leaders, artists, parents, and culture changers.

KNOW HOW YOU ARE MADE so you know how to heal



REGISTER BY: August 17, 2024.

WHEN: Saturdays, August 24 – October 19, 2024. 11AM-1PM EDT

WHERE: Online meeting space with video and audio. Details upon registration

FOR MORE DETAILS please subscribe to my EMAIL LIST

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT is available in private Soul Doctoring Sessions. During registration for the seminar, you’ll be offered a discounted price to purchase four sessions, with bonus hours for text/voice messaging support. You may find this helpful as you navigate the seminar, integrate the materials, and craft your personal practice. This offer is only available during check-out while registering for the Soul Doctoring Seminar.

what to expect

WEEK ONE: Soul Anatomy Overview and Soul Alignment Practice.
WEEK TWO: The Genius Soul Part 1
WEEK THREE: The Genius Soul Part 2
WEEK FOUR: The Sensuous Soul Part 1
WEEK FIVE: The Sensuous Soul Part 2
WEEK SIX: The Numinous Soul Part 1
WEEK SEVEN: Life Force and Alignment
WEEK EIGHT: Obstacles to Alignment
WEEK NINE: Practice & Attentiveness. Seminar Review.

You should arrive to our meeting with pen and notebook, in an environment with few distractions.
Be prepared to check-in at the start of each meeting after Week One.
Classes will be audio recorded. However, your live attendance is expected. Audio recordings, will be made available upon request if you have an emergency that prevents you from attending live.
We will always open the space for discussion and Q&A. Often, we will engage in practices, together.


Soul Doctoring 101 includes eighteen hours of live, online learning. A fixed, sliding scale allows me to offer this to those who may not otherwise be able to access it financially. Pricing includes all live meetings, as well as our online forum, materials, recordings, apps and labor that enable this seminar to happen online.
When choosing your payment level, consider the Green Bottle Method for Economic Justice. As we work to transform ourselves and the world, one of the first issues that arises is money. It is common for us to discuss our personal and financial lives within the context of Soul Doctoring. I advise you to honestly assess your financial reality and choose the appropriate “bottle.” Trust is at the foundation of all successful community building, and personal transformation. What might seem like a “discount” to you, is a hardship for someone else. Likewise, what might seem too expensive for you, is accessible to someone else. All of that is a softer way of saying: Assess according to your financial reality, the value of this work, and your commitment to economic justice. Be honest.

102 Soul Doctoring:
Transformation of Internal Obstacles

It took our whole lives and entire generations of ancestral memory to bring us to the precipice we stand upon. Our spiritual illness–like our emotional, mentals, and physical ailments–is embedded in our DNA. The trauma, talent, terror and elation, disease and resilience of our ancestors runs through our veins, informs our awareness, and twists our instinctual self-trust into a misshapen caricature of itself.

Part of our illness stems from our desire for simple, quick, bullet-point solutions. We want a smoking gun, a silver bullet, a magic pill. We want a one size fits all cure. We want someone to heal us. We want spontaneous, instantaneous, and lasting resolution to our problems.

Soul Doctoring demands, “Physician! Heal Thyself!”

Soul Doctoring asks that we refrain from seeing our problems, diseases and glitches as distinct symptoms or isolated events within a singular system. To heal the heart, one must trust the whole body. To heal the mind, one must trust one’s thoughts. To heal a culture, one must trust one’s motivations.

In this Seminar, you’ll engage with powerful tools of transformation and healing. Knowing your Anatomy, understanding your Ancestry, and recognizing your cultural conditioning, enables you to pin-point where to begin and continue your evolution using esoteric processes that lead to deeper self-awareness, self-affirmation, self-love, through connection to your own divine nature. These practical tools — for healing and forgiveness, for clearing out self-abuse, internalized oppression, and chronic trauma — enable you to embrace the elegant magnificence and grandeur you, as a human being, inherently are.

PRE-REQUISITE: Soul Doctoring 101: Anatomy & Alignment
WHEN: Seminar begins early in January 2025. Registration opens in October and closes mid-December.

HOW: Seminar is held online. Private Soul Doctoring Sessions are available for individual support.

103 Soul Doctoring:
Soul Agreements & Personal Will


PRE-REQUISITES: Soul Doctoring 101: Anatomy & Alignment, and 102: Transformation of Internal Obstacles.

WHEN: Seminar begins April, 2025. Registration opens in March

HOW: Seminar is held online. Private Soul Doctoring Sessions are available for individual support.

Why I am Offering These Practices at this Time

While we watch the towers collapse around us, it can all feel extremely urgent. I suggest, rather than tapping into, and getting caught in the urgency and drama, we SLOW DOWN. If we want to be effective change-agents during these times of the collapse of empire, environment, capitalism, colonialism, and supremacy, we had better know who we are. We’d better know what our motivations are. We’d better have practices and ethics that will stand firm in the face of relentless pressure.

Soul Doctoring offers that stability.

In my years of practice, I’ve found it to be true. Hundreds of my students have found it to be true. Soul Doctoring is not a religion, but a practice. It is not a belief-system, by a way of living/being that generates creativity, problem-solving, healing. It’s never felt more important to get these practices to as many people as possible.

I’m interested in working with people who are ready to heal yourselves through a esoteric practices for self-awareness, self-affirmation, self-love, through connection to their own divine nature. I want share practical tools for healing and forgiveness, for clearing out enough self-abuse, internalized oppression, and chronic trauma to be able to embrace the spaciousness we inhabit.

I am wanting to enable you to awaken to your true nature. To grant yourself permission for to know your own genius, sensuous, and numinous selves.

I give permission and practices for people to engage with themselves in ways that don’t shame, or induce fear and guilt. I create space and practice for people to embrace their intuition, imagination, artistry, wildness, sexuality, vision, and their uniquely “other” ways of Knowing. This Time is begging us to trust our emotional states, honor and lay claim to the part of us that longs for sunlight and thunderstorm, a splash of magenta on canvas, a crackling fire. We have nearly forgotten to swoon over notes of music floating through an open window, to seek out and be in relationship with beauty, to feel the wind lifting the hair at the back of the neck. We rarely pay attention to gooseflesh rising on the skin; delight pulsing through the vein; the sharp intake of breath that opens the chest to absorb awe; the tears that fall unbidden in response to magnificence. Soul Doctoring is a path toward allowing ourselves to to follow the pulse of music that begs the body to move, to loosen the locked-down pelvis and hip, to groove until sweat glistens on the skin, to give praise for the breath moving in through the nostril and into the lung.

These practices help us remember what it means to be fully human, which is to be fully wild, innocent, instinctual, wise, loving, and divine.