Your invitation to feel your power & your whole life will follow

Coffee with The Crone

You’re invited for a one of a kind experience

Coffee with The Crone

You’re invited for a coffee date to experience the support you need in accessing or managing your Big Crone Energy. Sometimes, standing in your power can be uncomfortable, or even dysregulating. Sometimes, it can make the people around you reactive. Sometimes, you can feel Big Crone Energy around you, but can’t quite grasp it, embody it, or direct it where you most need it. That’s when you need a Coffee Date with The Crone Herself!

Coffee Dates are quick, direct, to-the-point sessions where we get to the answers and energetics you need.

Be prepared for our Date. Know what you’re asking, and be ready to discuss without digressing into trivialities or long back-stories. Be ready for grounding and breathwork. Be ready to take responsibility for your energy (emotions, thoughts, words, deeds). Let’s get clarity. Let’s get whatever’s standing in your way to move aside so you can move forward. Let’s get back to your center of power, so you can make decisions for your own best interest.

quick. direct. support.


Sometimes we wander off-track. Sometimes we give our power away. Sometimes, we forget we’re part of the equation. Sometimes, we need energetic support for a big forward leap. Sometimes, we need a quick date with The Crone Herself to help us remember who we are, what we want, and that there’s nothing selfish about centering your Self.