Call the Shadow Forth

  • This is a deep dive into the Shadowy Realms where your most stubborn patterns reside.
  • This is where you locate your broken, hidden, abandoned parts.
  • This is where you bring your Shadow home to integrate it as your most trustworthy ally.

What is the Shadow?

Our Shadows are the denied, abandoned, sometimes hated parts of ourselves that continue to wreck havoc in our lives, despite our best efforts to eradicate them. Shadows are saboteurs that arise from trauma, early socialization, cultural indoctrination, and deeply held beliefs. They are, at core, an impulse toward becoming loveable, but taken to an extreme where the impulse turns against itself–generating the opposite result. The Shadow repeatedly undermines our best efforts–manifesting as patterns that obstruct our intentions, relationships, and well being.

You Might Recognize Shadows as Habits of:

  • Perfectionism/Fear of Failure

  • Procrastination/Overwork

  • Creative Blocks

  • Creative Blocks

  • Cycles of Passion and Apathy

  • Shrinking to Accommodate Others/Be “Likeable”

  • Fear of Abandonment

  • Being Taken Advantage Of

  • Over Developed Sense of Empathy

  • Frequent Crises

  • Lack and Scarcity

  • Valuing Intellectualism above Intuition

  • Co-dependence

  • Addictions

Shadows are integral parts of us. Attempting to destroy, or excise them is a form of self-harm.

In Shadow Sessions, we call the Shadow forth.

You will learn how the Shadow came to be, how it’s survived, and what it needs in order to be integrated in healthy, life-affirming ways.

Reclaim Denied Personal Power. Step into Sovereignty.

Once the Shadow is confronted, then comes the Real Journey Home: The return to the upper world where you embrace your former Shadow as an Ally. When integrated, you are a more complete version of yourself–comfortable and glorious in your own skin, in your own thoughts, emotions, desires and deeds, wielding your personal power with precision and care. You are capable of being more honest and present in relationships, more authentic in your creative endeavors, more loving toward yourself.


Are you ready, at long last, to call your inner saboteurs into the light of day? Are you willing to face the parts of you that have undermined your best efforts, learn their names, and what they truly hunger for? Would you dare to love your Shadow so deeply it works for you? Are you excited at the prospect of helping your Shadows take more helpful, positive, affirming roles in your life?

The Most Important Path You’ll Take Toward Sovereignty

SHADOW SESSIONS take place in a safe and courageous energetic container where your stories, emotions and experience are held without judgement or shame. We do this with tenderness. We do this with compassion. We do this in ways that are effective and lasting.

This is some of the most important work I offer, and is the most important path you’ll take on your way toward sovereignty– accepting your rightful and powerful role in your life, relationships, and culture. Working with Shadows has been an integral part of my work for over thirty years. Together, we’ll engage with rituals, practices, mythologies, and magics passed to me in my own training and initiations, and expanded upon over decades of practice, teaching and guiding others. I will never ask you to engage with practices or energies I, myself, have not undergone and guided others through many times!

We move quickly–in nine weeks–so as to not frighten the Shadow into burrowing deeper, and returning stronger. During the first weeks, we identify the Shadow, how it manifests in your life, and why you fear or loathe it. In the middle weeks, you’ll engage in Shadow Ritual and aftercare. In the final weeks, you’ll continue with aftercare, and integrate the Shadow as a helpful, steadfast, and reliable Ally. Follow-up sessions for care and questions are always available.


  • You’ve worked on these patterns for years, to no avail
  • The same patterns creep back up over and over again
  • Saboteurs might resolve in one area of your life only to re-emerge in another

  • Your Shadow saps your life force, self-esteem, effort, and optimism

  • * You’re ready to transform your Shadows into loving, life affirming Allies

In modern times, this magic is known as Shadow Work, Shadow Play, the Underworld Journey, the Dark Night of the Soul, or Soul Retrieval.

Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.

But the human undertaking, to reclaim our disowned and discarded parts, has been woven into myth and story since the beginning of time. As you confront and embrace your Shadow parts, you will find that they hold truths so powerful and clear that your self-perception and how you move in the world will transform. The patterns you’d been habitually recycling will resolve as you claim your true power and learn to wield it with respect, precision, and pride.

Shadow Sessions hold up both bright and dark mirrors. Gaze into them resolutely, and lovingly as you embrace yourself in all your parts. This is your opportunity to dive deep, and rise again in power–coming home to your Self fully.