Want botox? Get it.

Want your natural gray hair? Have it.

Want to wear sweatpants? Be comfortable!

Want to be a senior fashionista? Walk!

Retiring early? Congratulations!

Want to work like RBG did? Work!

Need orthopedic shoes? Please!

Want to rock stilettos through your eighties? Strut!

Traveling to Greece this summer? Send us pics!

Staying home to tend the gardens and make herbal remedies? Tell us!

Going back to finish your Master’s Degree? Congratulations!

Staying home to read romance novels? Excellent!

The only question we really care about your answer to is, “Are you happy? Like, deep down in the belly happy? Like, a glint in your eyes happy? Like, happy in all the cells of your being? Like, wearing a mischievous grin, laughing out loud, happy?

Big Crone Energy. Delivered.