Built between 5000-2500 BCE, the ancient Goddess temples of Malta pre-date Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. I’ll be making pilgrimage to ten sacred sites on the tiny island-country of Malta, located mid-way between Sicily and Tunisia.

Many years ago, a dear friend moved from the States to Malta. She carried with her a cassette recording of me singing chants and praise-songs to the Great Mother. Later, she told me she’d been playing my voice inside the Oracle Chamber at the Hypogeum on the island of Goza, in Malta.

The Oracle Room (right, bottom image) is an underground chamber with very precise acoustic qualities. Sound produced in the room is amplified and echoes through all three levels of the Hypogeum. It’s said that the construction of the room causes sound to vibrate at 111mhz, a resonance which carries the speaker/singer into deep trance and communication with the divine.

The Priestess(es) in communication with the Great Goddess would transmit Her divine messages to the community.

I wonder if my own Oracular abilities have anything to do with my recorded voice being played for years inside this Ancient Temple.

Since learning my friend played my voice there, it’s felt so important that I visit in person, bringing my own voice to the Oracle Chamber when my recorded voice had echoed ahead of me.

I intended to make this pilgrimage in the winter of 2020. I received clear messages, repeatedly, that, “Now is not the time.” I didn’t understand, but I heeded the warnings, and stayed in the States.


As it turned out, the global pandemic hit exactly during the time I’d have been in Malta–which closed it’s borders almost immediately to all inbound and outgoing travel.

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to visit several sacred Oracular Temples on our planet–each time, finding my own capacities magnified. I am so looking forward to making this pilgrimage to Malta and the Grecian Oracle at Delphi.

Also, on Malta are the Hagaar Qim, Ggantija, Mnajdra, Mnajdra,Tarxien, Ta’Hagrat, and Skorba Temples, all constructed between the Neolithic, Megalithic and Bronze Age Periods (estimations between 5000-1200 BCE). During my pilgrimage, I will be visiting all of these sacred sites (Malta is only 122 sq miles–1/10th the size of the smallest State (Rhode Island) in the USA.

All of the temple complexes were places of worship of the Mother Goddess. Some align with the sunrise on Solstices or Equinoxes. Others have portals through which to view the phases of the Moon. It would appear some were used for animal sacrifice, goddess worship, oracular divination, and later as catacombs for the dead. Sacred artistic carvings include spirals, circles, large and small “venus” statues–which is archeological short-hand for Goddesses.

I would be honored to carry your petitions and offerings to the Great Goddess Temples, where I will sing for Her, and for you.

I am also offering to deliver your queries to the Oracle Chamber, singing until I receive a response. I will deliver any Oracular Transmission to you upon my return, in June.

Everyone participating will receive a link to an audio file with a general Message From the Oracle.


Big Crone Energy. Delivered.