Crone, Maiden, Mother

The Crone contains the Maiden and Mother. She is all three. She’s complete. She can access the wonder of the child, the sensuality of the maiden, the responsibility of the mother, because she has been them.

Who hasn’t looked into the eyes of a child, seen the ancient stars shining there, and exclaimed, “This one is an Old Soul!”

Who hasn’t met a serious, studious, maybe-overly responsible adolescent and said, “She is old, beyond her years.”

And who hasn’t heard an exhausted mother, fed-up with constant demands on her time and energy, proclaim, “I feel like I’m one hundred years old.”

Just as the All Goddesses were shattered into pieces–this one in charge of the hearth, that one overseeing the gardens, the rare one riding into battle–we are also All.

I’ve heard lots of women denying their Crone-self. “Oh, no! I’m too young to call myself a Crone! That’s like . . . when you’re really old, like eighty.”

When told I’m not a Crone, I laugh, and say, “I’ve been a Crone my whole life! Don’t you dare deny me!”

The Moon is always Full. We may not see the whole of her, but the fullness is there. And, the Moon is always Dark. We may only see her perpetually dark face once a month, yet it’s always there.

Every waxing sliver, every waning crescent, the fullness, the darkness, is present at all times.

So, too, are the the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone present in us at all times.

Don’t let anyone diminish, gate-keep, or police you into a portion of yourself. Don’t let the over-culture deny the beauty in your age-lines, or the wisdom of your youth.

Big Crone Energy is the turned up, turned on, steady and bold power we ARE. You know it when you feel it. And it feels GOOD.

Big Crone Energy. Delivered.