A provocation of crones:




To INTEGRATE is to embody the power and self-authority gained in INITIATE; to decompartmentalize; to stand fully in your Mastery; to unify your varied stories into your Whole Story. To INTEGRATE is to be In Integrity.

To INTEGRATE is to mix and merge. To reconcile all our parts–youth, maiden, mother, crone, tenderness, humor, severity, intuition and rationality,–and unify them through our emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

Integration is a necessary, but often overlooked, first step post-initiation. Here, you learn to manage and wield what you’ve gained. This period requires tenderness, self-compassion, rest, introspection, support, and peers. It can be marked by episodes of imposter syndrome, hot-headedness, ego-inflation, isolation, or tendencies toward disowning our power, or re-compartmentalizing our selves and lives.

We INTEGRATE together, so you aren’t confronted by these pitfalls in isolation. We opt in for continuing support from the Provocation of Crones, to be held, and to hold space for others. We INTEGRATE by refusing to isolate ourselves in our new power. We INTEGRATE by supporting and asking for support in this safe and courageous container. We INTEGRATE with others Initiated in A Provocation of Crones for ongoing support in living your Big Crone Energy.

To participate in INTEGRATE you must have completed all previous Sessions in A Provocation of Crones Series.

INTEGRATE is the final Session, and offers on-going support for members of A PROVOCATION OF CRONES.


Saturdays, June 29 – July 27, 2024.

Five 90 minute Live Zoom Sessions (recordings available, transcripts available on request).

Private One-Stop Community Forum where

  • everything from INTEGRATE is located
  • you’ll have ongoing Crone & Community Support
  • embedded Zoom, audio, and written materials
  • Community Oracle Readings or Transmissions from The Crone Herself
  • Continued Access to the Provocation of Crones’ Forum, your Cronies, and everything else there.

All previous Sessions are pre-requisites to INTEGRATE


It is now. you are making the choice to begin a new mastery

speak her names. remember yourself


We call upon the Ancient and Ancestral Crones. We invite the Matron Goddesses. We summon forth the Archetypal Wise Women from Myth and Story. We seek the insight and foresight of Contemporary Crones of note. We receive their substantial Guidance, Wisdom, and Protection.

  • Cultivate Relationship with the Ancient and Ancestral Crones

  • Address Internalized Ageism and Misogyny

  • Restore the Rightful Role of the Crone

  • Recognize and Uplift Modern-day Crones

  • Invite Her guidance, wisdom, and protection